Commissione Europea: Ipotesi di strategia di Partenariato tra Unione Europea e Africa

10.07.2017 14:12

Intensifying the political dialogue between the EU and Africa: a precondition for a renewed strategic partnership

1. Welcomes this new communication, which aims to impart fresh impetus to the Africa-EU partnership in order to broaden and intensify it, gearing it to prosperity and stability on the two continents, in accordance with the commitments given in subscribing to the SDGs, the new European consensus for development, the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy and Agenda 2063;

2. Considers it vital to intensify relations between the EU and Africa and to establish ‘win-win’ cooperation to meet shared challenges and secure common benefits, particularly in priority fields such as economic development and job creation, good governance, security, migration, the environment, education and youth;

The EU-Africa Strategy a boost for development.pdf (166697)